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Energy efficiency generally speaking

Energy efficiency is a pivotal source of value in energy intense industries, as well as for companies with operations outside a reliable power grid. We have seen that power related OPEX (PROPEX) is often the fastest growing cost item in the P&L of our clients - especially in emerging and developing economies. Being able to successfully manage PROPEX will be a sustainable competitive advantage in a range of industries for the decade to come.
Emerging countries are fueling the growth in a lot of industries (e.g. mobile telecommunication) and the consumers of tomorrow, also referred to as the next billion, will be living in the most rural areas. Being able to deliver products and services at costs low enough to market them to low-income consumers will be key.
In energy intense industries this can only be achieved by managing PROPEX successfully. Our consultants follow a proven and structured approach to analyze OPEX reduction potentials for telecommunication networks and cement plants. By doing so we are supporting the transition from a business planning process focused on capital expenditures to one that accounts for total cost of ownership (TCO).

Climate Change - Opportunity or Threat?

Beating climate change is a historic opportunity for a range of companies and industries. Increasingly, business leaders understand that carbon emission reduction should not be considered as a cost; rather it can be a source of competitive advantage.
Clean Venture is serving international players by supporting their climate specific strategy development.
We are doing so by tracking market developments as well as political and legal changes to make developments more transparent for our clients in order to facilitate sound decision-making. We believe that climate change, and the dynamic policy developments coming with it, is a significant source of risks and opportunities for businesses. Clean Venture is helping its clients to understand, assess and act upon these risks and opportunities.